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"The Discovery of Grandiose Germany"

on display at the German Enbassy Bangkok Thailand

Commission art works by Piya Wilhelmy

Oil pastels on fine art paper from commissioned family group portrait.


Born in Vina del Mar Chile in 1972, Giuliano Cavallo grew up traveling through much of Chile and Argentina. Much of his formative years were spent living and traveling with "The Children of God", also known as "The Family" and Cavallo sang, acted and performed with other children until his late teens. In the midst of his traveling years, the Artist was moved from place to place and found himself often camping in the vast landscapes of Chile & Argentina, surrounded by beautiful lakes, mountains, diverse people and wildlife.

These transitional periods of his young life greatly influenced the person and work we see today, and taught him to see and appreciate natural beauty at a very young age. Preferring to work in oils but skilled in all mediums, Cavallo's work ranges from paintings of the lakes of Argentina to the mountains of Chile to the Art Deco buildings of Miami Beach and famous places around the world. He has created a vast collection of works, from famous people and places to the not so famous - but nevertheless interesting and beautiful. After arriving in Miami Beach in 1986, the artist attended Miami Beach High School and several different Colleges and Art Schools, focusing always on intensive Art Studies. The Artist feels that his work has much improved over the years, as have the various evolving styles, themes, shapes, sizes and extent of work offered. Cavallo invites the viewer to come, explore and hopefully delight in the various artifacts he offers from his extensive body of work. Edited by : Downtown Diva

Early Artistic Experience

1979 Singing, Acting, Vina del Mar, Chile and Argentina;

The Family COG. 1981-82 Puppetry, Cordova and Buenos Aires,

The Family, COG 1983-85 "Kids' Club Convention", Press, Agrentina and Chile, The Family COG

Shows and Exhibits

1987-90 Live Figure Drawing 1st place Nautilus Miami Beach

1987-90 The Kitchen Club Mural Director/Artist

1987-90 CMA Group Show, Media Arts. Miami Beach,

Florida 1993-95 Art Institute, Group Show, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

1997-99 New World School of the Arts Group Show, Miami, FL

Nov 2001 The OES Galleries, "Red, White & Blue",

Nov 2001 The OES Galleries, "Text & Image"

, Dec 2001 Coral Gables, "Red White & Blue",

Dec 2001 The OES Galleries, "Go for Faux",

Jan 2002 The OES Galleries, "Inspired by Da Vinci",

Jan 2002 GOLD COAST MB, "Pinacle Towers Penthouse silent auction

Jan 2002 ART DISTRICT Benefit. Silent Auction,

Dec 2003 Pompano Public Library. Solo Exhibit,

jan 2004 Artists Studios " meet the artist special request "

Aug 2004 ArtServe "Expressions of Music"

Sept 2004 ArtServe "Hispanic Heritage"

Sept 2004 Red Pearl Yoga "Got democracy "

jan 2005 Red Pearl Yoga " Sunami fundraiser"

2006 to 2007 Dadapoet Gallery "meet the artist"

2007 Naestved " Mini Print Exhibition" Denmark

2008 Print Zero Studios " Exchange 5 " Seattle USA

2008 Camposition Winter fest Miami nov 2008

"Through The Eyes of Love" World Aids Day Miami Mar 2009

Push Gallery (Phoenix) Mar 2009 Cartel Coffee/Art Gallery in Temple

Apr 2009 Conspire Art Gallery in Phoenix

dec 2009 Yes we can "Trough the eyes of love"

2010-2012 Oncology on canvas Cancer research USA tour

2011 Casey Anthony Art Collective On line group exhibit

2012 Artist Wanted "Art takes time square"

2012 Artits Wanted "Self"

2012 Artist Wanted "Art takes Miami"


1985 "Under the Sea" Art Show, awards.

1986 Vina del mar, Best of Show 1st place Chile.

1987 Nautilus Miami beach.

1996 Jeep Crysler Corporation.

2003 PITA Awards, three nominations.

Professional Experience 2000 International Artist Group Newsletter Editor 2001-03 Exotic Elegance Productions, Art Director, Fort Lauderdale FL. 2002-03 Starting Over, N.A., Chairman, Fort Lauderdale FL. Oct 2002 I max Theater "Show Biz" Live Painting, Fort Lauderdale FL. Feb 2002 City of Hollywood "MardiGrass" Event, Hollywood, FL. Jul 2003 GOLD COAST Private Show, Mamushka's Art Caffee Jul 2003 ART DISTRICT Benefit, Silent Auction, Mamushka's 2004 Nebraska Golf Classic Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising 2005 International Artists Group web sales consultant 2006 International Artists Group auctions consultant 2007 Life Benefit Concert in honor of Jessica Kessler 2007 "Sleepless Nights – Naughty and Nice" Video, South Beach FL. 2007 2008 Miami Woman's Club Fund Raiser Woman in War 2008 5th Annual Divine Evening Fund Raiser 2009 Pow wow convention (interpreter) 2010 Miami Beach Health center " yes we can" donated 2011 International Artist Group Network (network Hub) 2011 Casey Anthony Art Collective Digital Art curator Bibliography nov 2003 Exotic Elegance Artists SPOT-Light 2003 Book publication South America Brasil 2004 Madonna in Art Pop Art Books London UK. 2004 Article London "The Art of Re-Invention" 2004 ArtServe "Expressions of Music" 2004 ArtServe "Hispanic Heritage" 2004 Red Pearl Yoga "Got democracy " jan 2005 Red Pearl Yoga " Sunami fundraiser" 2005-2006 City of Sunrise "Monterosso Al Mare" 2006 2007 Dadapoet Gallery meet the artist 2007 X-Family org " Chosen" Im memory of Ricky Rodriguez 2007 "Dianna in Art" Pop Art Books London Press 2007 "Dianna in Art" Stonewall Article 2007 Naestved Mini Print Exhibition Denmark 2008 Print Zero Studios Exchange 5 Seattle USA FL. 2007-2008 Naestved Traveling Exhibition Denmark /USA 2008 Naestved International Publication Denmark 3/10/2008 New Yorkers Interview "Madonna in Art" 2009 Channel 51 / 23 " Quien tiene la razon" 2010 International Artist Group facebook forum 2011 Humanitarian Project Promotions 2012 Ia Group Artists Network Artists Incubator 2011 to 2013 Computer Information System (online student) 2014 Webmaster Social Media Managment 2013 to 2015 Web developer (Adobe Cloud, HTML5, CSS3, Javascrip, Wordpress)


"The Cavallo Gallery" is a boutique home gallery run by two talented artists, the American-Chilean artist Giuliano Cavallo and his wife, the German-Thai artist Piya Wilhelmy-Cavallo. The home gallery is located in the eastern part of Bangkok. Easy to reach with public transportation, not far from the MRT station Latprao and also close to the Raminthra Expressway. (free parking)


The Cavallo Gallery
59/93 Moo Baan Glang Muang,
Latprao road, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
LOCAL: 063 210 1521
USA: 1-786-220-4811
International 0066-63-2101521



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